Shawn Lonkert
Shawn Lonkert was born on August 6th, 1979 in the town
of East Liverpool Ohio. During his adolescent years Shawn
frequently moved from house to house. One house that stands
out even today was a house Shawn and his family refereed to
as the 'Green House'. This was a house that stood on St. Clair
Ave in East Liverpool. Though the house has since burned
down, the experiences Lonkert experienced still haunt him even
to this day. "I'll never forget that place. From the moment I first
moved in there I could tell something was not right about the
place. I remember having unexplained feelings of extreme
for no reason in that house. I would see things out of the corner of my eye, hear things I could not
explain. I even had objects thrown at me. I believe whatever was in that house was
evil, and I also feel that whatever it was stuck around with me through my adult years. I have always
wanted to go back there and investigate with the equipment that is available today. Perhaps it is best
the house has burnt down."-Shawn Lonkert
Lonkert has since went on to direct and produce several documentary films and publish 4 books.
Shawn was also the host of ,'The Midnight Highway Radio' before having to step away from the show
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