Jami Dugan
Jami Dugan was born on August 6th, 1979 in the small town of
East Liverpool, Ohio.  She lived there with her parents and two
brothers until she graduated from High School in 1998.  Upon
finishing school, she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to
pursue a college degree at Robert Morris University.  Jami has
also lived in Orlando, Florida as well as Columbus, Ohio.  
Throughout most of her childhood, Jami and her family moved
around quite a bit before settling into a home that they will
forever remember as "The Green House".  Upon moving into the
Green House, strange things began to happen almost
immediately.  At first, the disturbances were subtle, but things
would soon escalate.  Jami and her twin brother, Shawn were
often the targets of these malicious attacks.  This went on for
several years before her family decided to move out of the
house.   Jami never forgot her experiences there as a child.  
Perhaps the undead left a permanent mark on her soul.   Jami
spent most of her 20's and early 30's traveling and exploring
different cultures.  She was always drawn to cities that had
experienced some type of paranormal activity.
After settling back in Pittsburgh, she went on to help produce several paranormal
documentaries.  Jami is also an active ghost hunter.  Her next project will take place in October
of 2017 where she will visit the town of Amityville, New York to research & document the
Amityville house murders.  After losing her mother in January of 2017, Jami has become even
more determined to find out what happens to the soul when it ceases to have a body.  Jami does
not believe that all spirts are evil.  She would say "If evil can exist in this world then certainly