1.Gretchen's Lock
About Gretchen's Lock:  Gretchen's Lock is what we locals call the old
town of Sprucevale Ohio. Basically the legend goes the Edward H. Gill
the father of Gretchen Gill had traveled from overseas with his wife and
daughter so that he could begin work on the Sandy and Beaver Canal.
On the voyage to America his wife got sick and died. Her body had to be
put to rest at sea. Once in America Gretchen was taking the loss of her
mother very bad. She always complained that she wanted her mother
back and that she wanted to go home. Later Gretchen contracted
malaria and died. She went to her death with vivid hallucinations of
seeing her mother. Eventually she died and her father for the time being
placed her body inside the lock now known as 'Gretchen's Lock' until her
body could be returned home and honor her daughter's wish. It is said
that on the voyage back home their ship went down in an Atlantic Storm
reuniting the family. It has been said that a little girl in a white dress can
now be seen roaming the area calling out for her mother. Gretchen is the
main legend of the area but there are many more, like Esther Hale.
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