Though we have already investigated 'Gretchen's Lock', Shawn Lonkert is drawn to the location one final time. "I don't know what it is about that place, Gretchen's Lock, but I
am drawn to it and feel the need to go back there. My work is not done there yet, not just yet. There is still much to find there and much to reveal. Once you have been
touched  by both Gretchen Gill and Esther Hale such as I have, you feel the need to return to the place. I do  not know if I will ever truly be over the subject of Gretchen's Lock,
but I can assure you this will be my final and most revealing documentary I will ever do there."-Shawn Lonkert

We will be doing many more investigations at other haunted locations both during and after the filming of the new Gretchen's Lock Documentary. If you have a place you
would like for us to investigate please email Jami
here. or call or text Shawn at 330-718-2763.