Rev. Mark Hunnemann
topic: are ghosts demons

Carmen Reed
topic : Haunting in conneticut she is the real family who lived in that
the movie is about.

J.M. DeBord, aka RadOwl the dream expert.
topic : dream interpretations and what are dreams

Derek Grosskurth
topic: he is a hip hop artist that raps about his paranormal experiences.

Douglas Robinson
topic: Vampires vs Hollywood Vampires

Christpher Deaney
Topic: Kratom - email

Heidi Hollis
Topic: The Hat Man - email

Varla Ventura
topic: Fairies, Pookas and Changelings

Angel Greer
Topic: Paganism - Group Pagans of the

Gia Gutierrez
Topic: Pyschic Readings - email

Linda Godfrey
Topic: Monsters Among Us
Jennifer Albert- founder/lead investigator
Cleveland Paranormal Research Society
Official Crew of Ghost Adventures
Topic: Paranormal Investigations
June DeYoung- Former Playboy Bunnie
Pyschic Meduim -to the Stars
7 Near Death Experiences, World Predictions
Topic: Near Death Experiences- Predictions and Death of Hugh Hefner
Annie Wilder/Haunted Book Author
Topic: Haunted House
Dr Edgar Mitchell/6th man to walk on the Moon (Late)
Topic-UFO Aliens Apollo 14
topic: EVPs Talking to the Dead
Stanton Friedman/UFO/Alien Researcher
topic: UFOs Aliens
Rev Marliyn Redmond
topic: Angels
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