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1/20/18  10:30 pm EST
Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
An accomplished illustrator and designer, Scotty has spent thirty years in
advertising and publishing. He's a rogue historian, rapscallion theologian,
researcher, and student of Egyptology, and enjoys his role as a “stand-

He attended bible college and theological seminary, working toward his Masters in
Divinity, and he served in youth/teen ministry for several years alongside his
career in advertising and independent comic book publishing.

Scotty is the former editor-in-chief of TAPS ParaMagazine, the founder of Intrepid
Magazine, Intrepid Radio and the Paradigm Symposiums, and he is the author of
The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim (2012), The Secret History of the Reptilians
(2013), and his co-authored work with John Ward, The Exodus Reality: Unearthing
the Real Historical Moses, Identifying the Pharaohs, and Examining the Exodus
from Egypt (2013), all with New Page Books. He has also contributed to several
anthology books published by New Page Books, focusing on human origins and
historical mysteries.

Scotty lives with his wife and children, just across the Minnesota border in rural
Wisconsin, where he remains an avid Vikings fan, and a stranger in a strange
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Shawn Lonkert will return to Gretchen's Lock one final
time to finally solve the Legends. "Something always
draws me back there, to Gretchen's Lock. It's as if I
have unfinished buisness there and I do. Something
came to my attention and if I can validate it, it may
seriously solve the long legend, 'Who is Gretchen?'
This film will include some investigation in it, but i am
really poised on telling the actual story. I promise you
that this film will blow your socks off if you are familiar
to the Gretchen's Lock Story," -Shawn Lonkert
Now accepting applications for the roles of both
Gretchen Gill and Esther Hale.
Call or text Shawn Lonkert
Scotty Roberts