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3/16/2018 10:30pm EST
Shawn Lonkert will return to Gretchen's Lock one final
time to finally solve the Legends. "Something always
draws me back there, to Gretchen's Lock. It's as if I
have unfinished buisness there and I do. Something
came to my attention and if I can validate it, it may
seriously solve the long legend, 'Who is Gretchen?'
This film will include some investigation in it, but i am
really poised on telling the actual story. I promise you
that this film will blow your socks off if you are familiar
to the Gretchen's Lock Story," -Shawn Lonkert
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Little Gretchen
Older Gretchen
Lock Cast
The Mushroom Lady
Kimberly Heffner
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The Zombie Apocalypse
Tim Shumaker grew up the middle child of three with an older brother and a
younger sister. A nightstock clerk at a supermarket just outside of
Pittsburgh, Shumaker always dreamed of being a writer. He started at just
16 years of age and has written over 40 novels since then, writing most of
them out by hand. Inspired by superheroes, comics, and stories of the
supernatural, Shumaker’s first published work, Screwed Up World, imagines
how a group of teenage friends would face the zombie apocalypse.
Shumaker confesses, “Most of these ideas come from dreams; I don’t know
how it works – it just happens,” and the stories come to life. Writing is his
creative outlet, but Shumaker also collects toys of everything from super
heroes to Lost in Space and The Lord of the Rings. Currently, he actively
collects The Walking Dead toys and uses them to recreate scenes from the
Tim Shumaker
To listen to the show please click here at 3/16/18 10:30pm EST