Shawn Lonkert
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Mystic Paranormal once known as 'The Midnight Highway' was founded by Shawn Lonkert back in 2007. Since
then the name has been changed to 'Mystic Paranormal'. Mystic Paranormal is a podcast that covers mostly
paranormal topics but ventures off now and then to other topics as well. We also do investigations documenting
haunted locations and have produced even several documentaries. Currently we have decided to go back to
'Gretchen's Lock one final time in hopes of finally proving the Legends true and forever closing the book on
Gretchen's Lock. "I do not know what it is about the place, Gretchen's Lock that is, but i feel the need to go
back there, it's as if I am missing something. I already know I have proven the legends to be true, something is
out there and I have proved that already. That being said this documentary will be different in many ways. Not
only will I prove Both Gretchen and Esther Hale were very real individuals, I will tap into Gretchen's Bloodline.
You heard me right. Fate brought me to someone who is related to whom the family calls, 'Great
Gretchen.'-Shawn Lonkert